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Do you have a conventional or aerobic septic system and are experiencing wastewater problems? Hire Stewart Engineering Services to inspect and maintain your aerobic treatment system. We work in commercial and private residential areas and provide state approved maintenance contracts.

When we visit your property, we’ll inspect your system to locate the source of the problem. We’ll can repair or replace the piping, sprinkler heads, pumps and air compressors. Once we’ve repaired your system, we’ll recommend a maintenance schedule so you won’t have to deal with future problems.

Call 281-862-9769 ASAP to schedule a new maintenance contract for your aerobic wastewater system in Houston, TX or Channelview, Texas. We work within a 45-mile radius of Channelview, which includes most of Harris County.

3 pros of aerobic wastewater systems

We provide more than wastewater maintenance in the Houston, Texas & Channelview, Texas area. If you need a new wastewater system installed, discuss your options with us. Here are three benefits of aerobic wastewater systems:

They are the only approved wastewater systems in Harris County.
With regular maintenance, you will never have to replace your septic system again.
They’re a great alternative for properties that can’t accommodate traditional septic systems.
We’ll custom design your system to meet your needs. Contact Stewart Engineering Services today to learn more about wastewater engineering in Channelview & Houston, Texas.